What people are saying…

Thank you Lenka, for accelerating my snail pace to enlightenment. I have struggled with mostly out of ignorance of not knowing the truth or which direction to go, for the last 40 years.

You are the real deal and I will keep you in my heart forever!  Thank you for teaching me and thank you for caring about me! Thank you for the insight, enlightenment and for launching for me in the direction that I have been searching for all of these years.

With loving gratitude and appreciation

~ John Sergent

Lenka is a magnificent educator for humanity

~ Veronica, New York

What other people are saying…

The first Reiki session I had with Lenka helped me to be more focused. It also helped me tremendously with the anxiety I had been experiencing due to a lot of chaos in my personal life. Being very open to all things holistic and spiritual, Lenka suggested I sign up for the Reiki Level One course. Not only was it a fun day with lots of laughs, it provided me with vital tools I now use in everyday life. I have completed Level Two and the Master Class, and have seen changes in myself and anything I focus on. I highly recommend Lenka’s wonderful, enlightening classes, especially Reiki.  It can lift your energy, improve your health, and enhance the overall quality of your life.

~ Gabi

Lenka is a great energy healer and medical Intuologist.

~ Brian Dailey, MD, FACEP, FACFE, Reiki Master

Thank you again for an amazing healing session. Heart full of gratitude for you, my special healer. I had a great night’s sleep and my rash is totally gone! Feeling amazingly clear. The last question you asked me guided me inward, which followed with powerful insights. Feeling blessed to find you.

~ Pamela, Naples, FL

I am sending a HUGE thanks to Lenka Spiska, my favorite holistic healer/ shaman/priestess, who saved me from rushing my daughter to Urgent Care last night for her high fever and headache.  (Anyone who knows me knows I must have been pretty desperate to even consider Urgent Care.) We certainly earned our stripes as the wacky neighbors when we had my daughter laying on her back in our driveway under the stars, garlic slices on her wrists, peppermint oil massaged into her feet and neck, cool compresses with lavender on her forehead, and a vitamin C drink in her hand. To add to the spectacle, I was rhythmically tapping her sternum to activate her thymus gland. But, after taking an Epsom salt plus baking soda bath and a good night’s sleep, my daughter is 100% better!  I guess the human species couldn’t have made it this long if modern medicine and lab-created pharmaceuticals were the only effective tools for fighting illness. Three cheers for Lenka’s sage advice!

~ Cynthia, Naples

I am a Healer, a retired RN and Midwife. I have numerous medical issues and had the pleasure of receiving a full treatment with Lenka Spiska in her office in Estero. I was truly impressed and surprised at what an amazing and intuitive healer Lenka is. There was very little I needed to tell her about my physical conditions as her heart and hands seemed to know just what to do and what to say.

I think Lenka may be the most talented Medical Intuitive/Healer and Reiki Practitioner I have ever experienced. She really helped me address a number of personal health issues. Her intuition and accuracy is astounding, and the level of detail on what she can intuit and observe in the mind/body very grounded and real. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. As a Healer myself who practices Reiki, I feel I have a lot to learn from Lenka and now want to be trained as a Reiki Master and Medical Intuitive for my own health and to become a more clear channel to help others. I look forward to her Healing the Healers monthly sessions at the Happehatchee Center.

~ Holley Rauen, RN

Lenka, you are truly an earth angel. After reading your column today, I was struck by two things. One was how much you are helping me and how happy I am to have you in my life; and two, the fact that this situation is temporary makes sense. I can see how people would like more and more of your time, because you make me feel so different and better then I did before. I feel like I am talking to my old friend when I am talking to you.

~ Love Amy ( Estero, FL) December 2014

I have asked for Lenka’s help with a friend’s granddaughter.  Without ever meeting the people involved, Lenka’s intuition was spot on and presented in a way that was loving, healing and empowering to all involved. Lenka never ceases to amaze me. I would recommend her services to anyone.

~ Patricia A., L.Ac, Diplomate (NCCAOM), CCHt

I would like to say “the universe allows Reiki to find you when your ready for major changes in your life.” Reiki led me to find a beautiful and powerful master, that I am grateful to have guiding me along this journey.

I was able to start this amazing transformation with a couple of sessions with Lenka. Those sessions removed the pain and baggage I have been carrying my whole life. This intrigued me so much, I enrolled in Reiki I, II, and the master classes. So far Reiki, Lenka, and I have been able to change toxic personal and professional relationships to healthy loving ones. The opening and closing of these doors have given me a tremendous amount of happiness and love that I have never felt before. I look forward to seeing how my new gifts are going to transform my life and everyone I come into contact with.

Lenka, thank you for opening me up to this new world of light, love, abundance, and happiness. It is a pleasure to have you as my master!

~ Henry F. Kowalik

My Reiki training with Lenka was life-changing. I completed Reiki Levels 1, 2 and the Master Class. Lenka made me feel so comfortable even though I was new to Reiki; her training is easy to understand, and she makes metaphysical topics very easy to comprehend. Lenka patiently explains all the details you may have questions about.

My life has changed in such an amazing way after my training classes. My relationships have improved with my family and friends. As an intuitive myself, my intuitive abilities have been amplified and I feel much more connected to subtle energy and spirits. Knowing now that I have the ability to heal myself and others is life-altering and very empowering.

Lenka’s teachings are eye-opening and she customizes them for each individual. She respects and appreciates your thoughts and feelings throughout the classes. I feel like I’ve gained not only a mentor, but a lifelong friend.

Love & Light.

~ Roberta, Sanibel, FL

As a board certified internal medicine physician for more than 13 years, I wanted to help my patients manage stress without damaging side effects, and welcomed the idea of expanding my practice to incorporate energy healing. A nutritionist colleague recommended Reiki Master and Health Intuitive, Lenka Spiska. Patients I referred to Lenka gave me overwhelmingly positive feedback about their Reiki sessions. They reported improved overall wellbeing after only one session with her, and expressed their satisfaction with Lenka’s professionalism and accuracy in pinpointing the area of greatest need. I personally have experienced the benefit of Reiki healing from Lenka, and I have been very pleased with the results. I confidently recommend Lenka Spiska and her wellness expertise to anyone who is looking to expand his/her spectrum of patient treatment options.

~ Teresa Sievers, MD, MSMS, FAARM

Thank you so much for your reading last night. This was really something intense. What I thought was buried deep down was actually right in front of me. After we finished talking, I thought I would have a very bad and sleepless night. Did not happen. I invited my Dad to visit me, and right then I fell asleep very deeply. Don’t know what happened while I was sleeping, however this morning a lot of things have been clearer for me. Guess I have to let go of many things first to understand them. Funny part with me is that I can see that with other people, but hardly on myself. 

Thank you so much for making the connection for me. This will change a lot.

~ Dieter

I didn’t know much about Reiki healing before I had my first treatment with Lenka. But, I am a big believer in the importance of mind, body, and soul balance in order to heal, especially regarding stage 4 breast cancer. A diagnosis I was given. Reiki allowed my body and mind to relax and helped me become more crisp and clear about each sessions’ intention, allowing whatever emotions were present to surface in order to clear up that energy.

Each Reiki session awakened my consciousness and brought suppressed emotions (or other issues that needed to be addressed) to the surface. As a healer, Lenka is extremely intuitive, always providing me with amazing insights into what is going on in my body, wherever the energy is stuck. I would recommend Reiki with Lenka to anyone looking to heal physically, emotionally, or spiritually, or just to keep balance in their life.

~ Barbie, Naples

I hired Lenka for a personal intuitive reading. I was beyond pissed at the start of our conversation because she was saying things I didn’t want to hear, but more importantly, I didn’t want to admit.

Then, at the 15-minute mark of my reading, she politely said, “At this point, I have decided not to continue to waste your time or mine, because it’s clear you do not want to hear what I’m saying.” That shook me to the core, and I decided then and there to let my walls down and listen. Everything she said was hard to hear, but I needed to hear it. She told me the job offer my husband had in Seattle was not a good choice, and it wouldn’t be good to accept. She said he needed to start his own company in order to be happy and successful.

I told her that wasn’t on the table, and to get along with another option, but she said, “Well, that’s what needs to happen.” Fast forward nine months later my husband DID start his own company five months ago! He financially quadrupled what our first year’s goals were, and his company is continuing its growth.And more than that, my husband couldn’t be happier! Lenka also helped me change my habits and improve my health. THANK YOU, Lenka, for being a true healer, but especially for saying the hard stuff most of us don’t want to hear!

~ Nadia, Colorado

Thank you, Lenka, for the amazing opportunity you have provided me with, the ability to teach other’s Reiki !  This is my passion to teach and empower others to utilize the gifts of healing they already have!  You are not only an amazing healer and mentor, but a dear friend.  I am so blessed to know you and look forward to what the universe has in store for us in the future.

Love and Light

~Kimberly, St. Petersburg, FL

Lenka is an extraordinary healer who works straight from her soul.  Her knowledge and curiosity keep her grounded while her intuitive capacity connects her to subtle information.  Her kindness and loving intent is always present in all her work. It is these qualities that combine to make her a unique medical Intuologist who uses energy for the healing of the body and the mind.

~ Helen Pankowsky, M.D., TX