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Some of the Workshops and Classes Offered

Classes are scheduled regularly. Check the calendar for dates and times. Sign up by clicking on an event in the calendar.


REIKI Level 1

We are all born with the ability to be channels for Reiki (i.e. God or Divine energy, The Source).  It is through time that our connection to this gift gets weaker.  Now is the time for us to take charge of our health and the health of our families.  Intuition is the language of our soul and you will learn how to communicate with your body to help to recognize the subtle changes in your aura field.

As you become initiated to Reiki energy, you will begin to walk on the path to self discovery and you will receive new perceptions on current or old situations that may present themselves in different ways.   Reiki will also jump start you on your spiritual path and open up your intuitive gifts.  You will be provided insight into your own healing abilities, as you develop your unique healing style.  In class we cover how to sense and be aware of the energies around us and within us. The sensitivities to energies and messages are anchored in the workshop, giving you time to develop the awareness of the changes and to recognize easily the signs of your own blossoming intuition.

Classes are scheduled on a regular basis. See the Calendar for dates and times.

Reiki Level 1 outline:

  • The History and beginning of Reiki
  • Healing treatment for yourself and others
  • Healing hand positions
  • Chakra balancing
  • Reiki symbols
  • Practical exercises designed to help scan and sense healing energy
  • Receive the attunements for the first level of Reiki with guided meditation
  • Activation of the 21-day chakra cleansing cycle
  • Reiki Level 1 certificate upon completion


REIKI Level 2

The second level of Reiki offers an opportunity to expand skills acquired in Reiki Level 1 and also is an introductory lesson on medical intuition.  Healing is moved up a notch because the chakras of the hands in Reiki Level 1 were only partially open and now the energy can be fully accessed via the level two attunement.  Attunements in Reiki Level 2 open the initiated to a higher level of consciousness by expanding the crown chakra even more, thus creating a clearer connection to Universal Intelligence.  This attunement will increase and amplify intuition already achieved in Reiki Level 1.  New symbols are presented, which aid in distant healing as well as stimulating new perceptions in the mental and emotional arena.

Classes are scheduled on a regular basis. See the Calendar for dates and times.

Reiki Level 2 outline:

  • Review of Reiki Level 1
  • Completion of opening the chakras in the palms and expansion of the crown chakra
  • Ability to fully connect with the chakra system of recipient
  • Attunement to new symbols to access hidden mental and emotional issues
  • Understand how to heal at distance, into the past or future
  • Receive a pendulum and instructions for its use
  • Learn how to lovingly release unhealthy connections to others via ”cords”
  • Animal treatments and communication with them
  • Practice the “Five Tibetan Rites” to keep chakras spinning while you stay and feel younger
  • Increased integration of “Higher Self” consciousness
  • Activation of another 21day-chakra cleansing cycle

REIKI Master Level Class

Why become a Reiki Master? This class enables you to open and expand even more than you did with the other two levels. Reiki is not only a method of holistic natural healing, but also is a spiritual path opening you up to your higher selves. As a Reiki Master you are also an important part of the healing for the planet and a channel of higher consciousness. Unlike many other paths, which serve a similar function, Reiki is easy to learn and you can master it in a short period of time.

There are many different master level symbols, which have been channeled in the past 100 years, and all the symbols will be taught and attunements given.  This process will help you step into your power. You will also have the opportunity to recognize and choose the symbol that resonates the most with you. The nontraditional symbols will assist in balance, harmony, grounding and supporting the immune system.

Classes are scheduled on a regular basis. See the Calendar for dates and times.


Reiki Master Level outline:

  • Detailed review of Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 class information
  • Nine masters’ symbols from various lineages
  • Numerous ways to apply the master symbol
  • Non-traditional symbols are given, for balance, harmony and one for grounding
  • Process to assist those who have passed to the next dimension
  • A deeper understanding of how healing works on numerous levels
  • Crystal Energy Grid: A focus for your guides to increase your personal master energy on a continual basis.  Also may be used to give healing to another, 24 hours a day.
  • Meditation practices and techniques using Reiki symbols
  • Advanced understanding of chakras
  • Sensing and seeing auras
  • Reiki Master certificate upon completion
  • Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 (It is okay, if you earned the designation from another teacher.)


Children’s Reiki

Children’s Reiki Level 1

We are born with the ability to be channels for Reiki (i.e.God or Divine energy, The Source). Our children have a natural awareness of healing energy and they are very receptive to this healing energy at a very young age.  It is very easy for them to learn Reiki and they instinctively make Reiki part of their daily life. Taking this class is a gift for your child that can serve as a resource for health and empowerment for a lifetime.

Cost:  $35.00

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Reiki class for children include:

  1. The history of Reiki
  2. Learn  to sense subtle energy of others and things
  3. Introduction of chakras
  4. Healing with crystals
  5. The Reiki symbol, healing hand positions
  6. Introduction to different modalities of meditation
  7. Empowerment and health
  8. Learn how Reiki can help with focus and stress
  9. Five-minute energy exercise  and immune system boost

In this Reiki class, craft materials and a Reiki certification are included. Class is recommended for children ages 6-12 years old. Class is limited to 8 children.

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