The inner knowing is your true compass. -Joy Page


Intuition is a simple language we have with ourselves. It is the gut that is telling us to leave a certain place, or to talk to ...
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We all recall smells that brings back good feelings from childhood that evoke a loving feeling, like Grandma’s cherry pie or ...
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Where I Go To Eat

Food is an important part of being healthy and leading a pure lifestyle, but it’s hard to eat clean when you’re going ...
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Feeling moody? Chromatherapy can brighten your outlook!

Want to enhance productivity feelings of serenity? ...
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Kids and Change

We often hear that our children are our future.  Let’s invest in our children because they are our future.

If you really ...
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Intuology is simply the language we have with ourselves. It is the gut feeling telling us to leave a certain place, or to stop ...
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Health Intuition

In my practice I see my body as a pure, divine tool with which I can assess my wellbeing at all times. When I have aches, pains, or ...
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Feeling vs. Thinking

I was very inspired by the movie “The Iron Lady”.  There was a scene where Margaret Thatcher’s doctor asked her how she was ...
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Earth Angels

Do you believe in angels? What do they look like? Why do some people claim to see them, and others try so hard to contact them? ...
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Depression is a strong word; people don’t like to hear the fact that they are depressed, but the prevalence of this condition ...
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Pedal to the Metal

I am still amazed not only by the fact that are people stressed every day, but also by the fact that they are not even aware of it. ...
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