Lenka’s Bio

Bridging the gap between the East and West, Lenka Spiska connects us to a new paradigm of healing. The SHIFT is a shift in consciousness where we treat the WHOLE person.

As a Medical Intuologist, Lenka combines traditional Eastern medical practices with intuitive knowledge to detect subtle energy imbalances in her patients, helping them heal and achieve a sustainable healthy balance at every level: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

She reveals in-depth insights into a patients’ current state of health and well-being as well as pinpoints subtle energy imbalances, which may be contributors to illness or disease by addressing the mind-body-spirit connection.

Although never providing a medical diagnosis, Lenka finds a healing balance for each of her patients by providing whole health treatments. Her energy healing modalities complement traditional medicine.

In her work, Lenka empowers patients to become self-reliant and take charge of their health. She creates an “action plan,” including self-empowering “homework” to help patients begin to resolve or heal the illness or pain themselves. With Lenka’s guidance, patients begin to replace self-sabotaging programs by “re-writing” new programming, which better serves their health, aspirations and goals. The scientific term is called Neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to change at any age.

Through the years, Lenka has facilitated numerous thought-provoking health seminars and wellness summits on energy medicine, spirituality, intuition and self-development and she has contributed to magazines and newspaper articles.

Lenka is Medical Intuologist, RMT, LMT (license number #76454), and Certified Advanced Holistic Health Coach from the International Institute of Holistic Medicine with Norman Shealy MD, PhD.  Lenka was the first Medical Intuoligist to join forces with a medical doctor in southwest Florida, working side by side with Dr, Teresa Sievers in the doctor’s medical practice. Currently, Lenka is collaborating with other medical doctors throughout the country.

She has traveled the world studying different cultures, learning how and why people heal and why they don’t. Additionally, she studied nutrition in Europe, attended culinary school in Colorado, and she speaks four languages. Lenka describes herself a life-long student of energy medicine and life itself. She lives and practices in Naples, Florida.