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Parenting Intuitive Children

All children are born as Intuitive’s.  They naturally possess the gifts that we are all trying to re-awaken in later life.  It is important not to loose this sense of divine guidance and the gut feeling that we as adults forget to trust.  I will guide parents on how to translate their ” intuitive hints” into everyday adult language.  Encouraging intuition in children can serve many purposes but the most important one is the survivor instinct.  Intuition has saved my life many times as a kid and teenager and I feel that in today’s society our children do not have that survival instinct fully activated.  It is critical that we as parents acknowledge that the sixth sense (intuition) is as important as our sense of hearing or sight.  It is never to late to teach the importance of intuition and introduce intuition thru games and fun activities.  As a caregiver you will be glad to know that you gave your children an essential tool that will make their life much safer and richer!  I can work with parents/grandparents and children as a team or only with parents/grandparents or only with the child/teenager.

Cost: $100.00 (50 minutes) |  $145.00 (90 minutes)

Private Intuitive Mentoring

My true passion is to teach others about their own gifts that are ready to be re-awakened and help them find their life purpose. My unique and down to earth approach in teaching is a great way to connect to your true self, to your inner child, to your higher self, etc. People often look for guides only from other realms and forget that guides are everywhere around us and the only thing missing is the willingness to see them.  Let ME be your guide to your intuitive connection!

Cost: $100.00 (50 minutes) |  $145.00 (90 minutes)

Coaching Mastery Program

“How to Tap Into Your Energy Field to Promote Wellness”

Are you ready to become the conscious creator of your life and your circumstances? Are you ready to find your true purpose in life and let it guide you to genuine fulfillment?

In just 6 weeks of small-group coaching with master teacher, Lenka Spiska, you will discover how to remove blockages, limitations, and barriers to your authentic self. You will discover how to tap into your inner power on demand, improving your life, health, finances, relationships, and career. You will learn about the innate power we all possess to heal both ourselves and others.

In Power Up, you’ll gain in-depth insight into:
Bioenergetics – learn how to decipher the world of nutrition, interpret overwhelming health advice, live an organic lifestyle on a budget, and maintain a healthy body for life

Energy Medicine – view your life through the lens of the quantum field where everything is energy, vibration, and frequency; uncover your innate potential for healing and creating a life you love through accessing the energy that surrounds you

Meditation – explore this powerful tool for self-mastery; clarify your understanding of what meditation is, how it works, and which type works best for you

Psychoneuroimmunology – examine how your thoughts and emotions affect your overall well-being

Intuition – discover and reawaken your innate intuition; discern true guidance from ego guidance, and learn to trust your gut

Consciousness – learn how your vibration and level of consciousness directly affect your capacity for joy, love, health, and well-being; discover how to understand and utilize the map of consciousness

When you receive and absorb these enlightening concepts, your will find yourself propelled on a journey attracting abundance, love, and health.

But that’s not all.

With your registration, you are also entitled to a FREE half-hour, one-on-one phone consultation with Lenka, addressing how to best apply these concepts in your life, personally. And for the duration of the course, you’ll receive email support from Lenka, too.

Be ready to experience profound, lasting transformation, an enhanced quality of life, and the power to create your own inner peace and happiness.

Programs offered throughout the year. Check the calendar for upcoming dates.

Cost: $445.00 (6 weeks – 2 hours each week) |  $395 for early registrants.

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